Obama blamed Bush too often and didn't give him enough credit

Obama is Wrong:
Reasons to agree:
  1. Bill Clinton was President and Al Gore was Vice President when the Senate voted 95-0 to reject Kyoto.
  2. Obama said; "But I think it’s important just to remember a little bit of history. When George Bush came into office, we had surpluses. And now we have half-a-trillion-dollar deficit annually. When George Bush came into office, our national debt was around $5 trillion. It’s now over $10 trillion. We’ve almost doubled it." 2008 second presidential debate against John McCain Oct 7, 2008. Saying this was the situation when Bush came in, and this was the situation when Bush left, is a Standard that Obama probably does not want applied to him. Obama will want people to look at what he did with a little more context. Clinton didn't have September 11th, Enron, or the Realestate mess, and Clinton helped contribute to some of those problems, but did not have to deal with their outcomes.
  3. Obama contradicted himself, saying the Bush administration had done nothing serious about alternative fuels or raising fuel efficiency. Obama said, “We have not seen any serious effort on the part of this administration to spur on the use of alternative fuels, raise fuel efficiency standards on cars.”

    If the 2005 energy bill signed by President Bush was indeed the “single largest investment in clean energy” ever seen, as Obama says, then it’s hard to see how his administration can be faulted for lack of “any serious effort” to promote alternative fuels. Furthermore, another bill Bush signed in December sets a national fuel economy standard of 35 mpg by 2020, the first major increase in vehicle fuel efficiency standards in more than three decades.

    It is certainly true that more could be done, and Obama would be within his rights to say that Bush’s efforts aren’t serious enough to suit him. But claiming a lack of any serious effort at all is contradicted by the record and by Obama’s own words.

    Source: FactCheck.org on 2008 Democratic debate in Las Vegas Jan 16, 2008

Interest of those who agree (that Obama is wrong):

  1. Promoting the Republican Party by attacking a democrat, Obama.
  2. Racism (criticizing a minority, Obama, because he is a minority).
  3. Defending Bush, because people became deranged, and tried blaming him for everything.

Interest of those who disagree (that Obama is wrong):

  1. Promoting the Democratic Party by defending a democrat, Obama.
  2. Liberal guilt (defending a minority, Obama, because he is a minority).
  3. Attacking Bush because he is a republican.
  4. Attacking Bush because he is Rich.
  5. Attacking Bush because he was privilaged.
  6. Attaching Bush because is a Jock.

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