Obama is wrong on the Free Market

Obama is Wrong:
Background: Obama said; "It's useful to remind ourselves that our free market system is the result neither of natural law nor of Divine Providence. Rather, it emerged through a painful process of trial and error. And although the benefits of our free market system are mostly derived from the individual efforts of generations of men and women pursuing their own vision of happiness, in each and every period of great economic upheaval and transition we depended on government action to open up opportunity, encourage competition, and make the market work better." ~ Obamanomics, by John R. Talbott, p. 69 Jul 1, 2008
Reasons to disagree with Obama:
  1. How does Obama know what divine providence is? Obama is not only a politician, but a prophit who can tell us what the mind of God is? 
  2. Obama is way wrong to say that the free market does not follow natural law. The free market works, when it follows natural law. One natural law is the law of the harvest: that you reap what you sow.  Liberals often want to remove the law of the harvest. They don’t want people to be punished for making bad decisions. They want to create an unnatural ecosystem. Also nature thrives when there is a vibrant ecosystem. In the same way, the economic ecosystem does not work very well when there are monopolies.  Obama will suffer to the degree that he makes the market not follow natural law.

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