Obama has not done very well putting people into power

Reasons to agree:
  1. "Yes, Canada is not Mexico, it doesn't have a drug war going on. Nonetheless, to the extent that terrorists have come into our country or suspected or known terrorists have entered our country across a border, it's been across the Canadian border. There are real issues there." -- Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. The 9/11 hijackers did not come across the Canada border
  2. "The willingness of a small percentage of military personnel to join extremist groups during the 1990s because they were disgruntled, disillusioned or suffering from the psychological effects of war is being replicated today." -- Department of Homeland Security intelligence report
  3. Timothy Geithner nomination as Secretary of Treasury was almost torpedoed when it was discovered he had failed to pay $34,000 in Social Security and Medicare taxes. He also employed an illegal immigrant as a housekeeper. He was confirmed anyway.
  4.  . . or Caroline Atkinson, who withdrew as nominee for Undersecretary of International Affairs in Treasury Department, with a source blaming the long vetting process. Geithner still has a skeleton crew at Treasury, with no one qualified -- or willing -- to take jobs there.
  5. "Richardson's value in Obama's Cabinet had everything to do with appearances. First, he was the Hispanic pick. Second, because Richardson had run against Obama for President, tapping him for the Cabinet helped the media write the Obama-Lincoln comparisons by burnishing the 'Team of Rivals' image.

    "But Richardson withdrew before Obama was even inaugurated when news came out about a criminal investigation involving David Rubin, president of a firm named Chambers, Dunhill, Rubin & Co. (although there was no Chambers or Dunhill), who had donated at least $110,000 to Richardson's campaign committees and had also profited from $1.5 million in contracts from the state government.

    "This was an early warning sign about Obama's vetting process (various tax problems and the Daschle problem would reveal this as a theme), but picking Richardson to run Commerce also highlighted that Obama and Richardson's promise of 'public-private partnerships' -- such as Detroit bailouts, Wall Street bailouts, and green energy--was an open door for corruption and was at odds with Obama's promise to diminish the influence of lobbyists.

    "The Richardson mistake was one of Obama's first, and it was emblematic. Richardson embodied Obama's attention to self-image and the problems inherent in his vision of an intimate business-government connection."

    -- Tim Carney is a Washington Examiner columnist

Reasons to disagree:
  1. You shouldn't judge a president by the mistaked the people they oppoint make. You hope that he brings people into power that are the most qualified, and are not too political, but doing a tit-for-tat list of Obama appointy mistakes is missing the big picture, when he brings thousands of people into power. Janett Reno burnt innocent wemon and children at Waco. None of Obama's people have done anything like that.
Probable interest of those who agree:
  1. Republican Party Affiliation (40%)
  2. They agree with the argument, outside of any interest or alterior motivation (30%)
  3. Racism (5%)
  4. Political laziness & issue crossover.
  5. The dislike for politically correctness.
  6. The desire to call bad behavior
Probable interest of those who disagree:
  1. They disagree with the argument, outside of any interest or alterior motivation (30%)
  2. Democratic party groupism (40%)
  3. Liberal guilt.
  4. Political laziness & issue crossover.

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