Obama was right to promote after-school programs for kids

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  1. After school programs are good.
  2. Once our kids are in school, my wife would like to go back to work. She doesn't want to just sit around at home. I don't like extra powerful government, but sort of think the Government should require companies to offer 6 hour work days for mom who want to be there for their kids before and after school. But if businesses don't let Mom's work part time during school hours, schools should offer programs so that parents can pick them up from school between 5:00 and 6:00. You call it welfare, but these types of programs that let people work extra, are better than handing over a check. Of course, lazy parents shouldn't just be getting free babysitting, if they aren't working, but the taxes made from more people working may offset some of the childcare cost of after school programs. Is this something republicans and democrats can agree on, or was Obama wrong? 
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