Obama has changed America, for the worse +1

Reasons to agree:
  1. Pete Du Pont. "More of the Same Old Change." Wall Street Journal. September 30th, 2011: "In the last few years, as promised, the Obama administration has fundamentally transformed America. Our country is now in serious decline. Income is lower, unemployment is higher, jobs are fewer, government is much larger. Federal spending is way up, and America's economic status is way down, as is the global view of our country and our economy. Hardly anyone sees any sign of economic recovery or improvement."
Reasons to disagree:
Probable interest of those who agree:
  1. Anti black racism
  2. Confirmation bias (you decide that you don't like Obama, and so this becomes the prism that you see him. People always root for the home team, because over time they start to show interest, and then each new story tells them they were correct. When the other team acts badly, you get mad. When your team acts badly, you feel justified. You continue to identify with Obama, because you once did). 
  3. Your a Republican. He is on the other team. He is the enemy. 
Probable interest of those who disagree:
  1. Pro black racial preference
  2. Your a Democrat. He is on the same team, against the enemy

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